RWE participating in project to produce green hydrogen from 21GW of offshore wind in the Netherlands

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has published an investors’ view report on how the public sector can address the risks and challenges faced in the transition to a ‘more hydrogen-fuelled economy’.

Released (May 30), the report, at the request of the European Commission under the InnovFin Advisory programme, bases its findings on the consultation by the EIB’s advisory services, with nearly 50 market participants.

The findings confirm that the international investment community recognises the market opportunity that hydrogen represents as a zero-emission fuel, but also the challenges it currently faces to scale its deployment.

Firstly, economic and regulatory conditions of hydrogen-based projects require improvement, to reduce risks and capital cost to mobilise the financing needed to meet the EU’s ambitious targets.

Secondly, the hydrogen sector being so interconnected, requires a more coherent value chain-based approach, which should allow various components for projects…