• Please prepare your short paper according to the WHEC-2022 formatting instructionsA short paper is a short version of a paper, and should have the following structure: Title, Author names and their affiliation, Abstract, Keywords, Main Text, Conclusions, Acknowledgements (if appropriate), Nomenclature (if appropriate), and References.
  • WHEC-2022 uses Microsoft’s Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) for short paper submission. Please create a user account on the submission site: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/WHEC2022
    • Make sure that your browser has cookies and Javascript enabled.
    • Add “email@msr-cmt.org” to your list of safe senders (whitelist) to prevent important email announcements from being blocked by spam filters.
  • For each short paper you want to submit, please do the following:
    • Click the “+ Create new submission” button in the upper-left corner to create a new submission. There, you will be prompted to enter the title and author(s) of your paper.
    • To add a co-author, you should first enter his/her email address. If his/her email is not found in the CMT system, you will need to fill in the required information (first name, last name, organization, and country) for your co-author.
  • Please upload your short paper in .doc or .docx format (according to the formatting instructions, up to 3 pages, and maximum 20 MB)
  • Please answer the additional questions and click the submit button.
  • You can see the status of your paper on the Author Console. Once a decision is made on your short paper, you will see it immediately under “Status”. You will also receive an email from the WHEC Secretariat regarding this decision.
    • If you are asked to revise your short paper, you will see the status as “Revision”. You can see the reviewer comments under “View Reviews”. In that case, you should only upload a clean and unmarked file clicking “Upload Revision” within 2 weeks of your decision email. Please do not include any response sheets.
    • Once the reviewers are satisfied with your submission, you will see the status as “Accept”. In that case, you can proceed with registration.
  • To submit your short paper, please click the link below:

Click to Submit Short Paper for WHEC-2022 

WHEC2022 Tracks

Track 1: Hydrogen Production: Thermochemical and Photonic Methods
Track 2: Hydrogen Production: Electrolysis
Track 3: Hydrogen Production: Biological Methods and Biohydrogen
Track 4: Hydrogen Production: Nuclear
Track 5: Hydrogen Separation and Purification
Track 6: Hydrogen Storage
Track 7: Fuel Cells: PEMFC
Track 8: Fuel Cells: SOFC and other types
Track 9: Integrated Hydrogen Energy Systems
Track 10: Power to Gas
Track 11: Hydrogen Safety
Track 12: Codes, Standards and Regulations
Track 13: Hydrogen Strategies and Policies
Track 14: Hydrogen Industry, Commercialization and Marketing, Applications
Track 15: Hydrogen Economy, Logistics, Infrastructure
Track 16: Environmental Impact and Sustainable Development
Track 17: Social Dimensions