Name Dr Stuart Hawksworth
Affiliation Head of Centre for Energy, HSE, UK & President of International Association for Hydrogen Safety
Contact information Health and Safety Executive, Harpur Hill, Buxton, SK17 9JN, UK
+44 02030282212
Presentation Title Safety of Hydrogen in the Energy System
Abstract This presentation will give an overview of the activities of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (IAHYSAFE) and their impact in the hydrogen safety space. It will also provide an overview of current hydrogen safety projects and how their outputs will be applied in Regulations, Codes and Standards. The presentation will then:
  • describe current priorities addressing transport, heat and power applications in the hydrogen
  • discuss future technical challenges in hydrogen safety and the importance of addressing them to enable future progress and innovation in hydrogen technologies.
  • discuss broader challenges around education and training in hydrogen safety as uptake in technologies grows.
The presentation will draw on inputs such as IAHYSAFE Research Priorities Workshop.
Dr Stuart Hawksworth has worked in the area of Safety for 25 years, fulfilling a number of technical and oversight roles at the Health and Safety Executive’s Laboratory in Buxton in the UK. These include creating and managing the Centre for Energy and Major Hazards, made up of 70 expert scientist and engineers working in the area of risk management, fire, explosion and process safety.
He has oversight of a programme of Hydrogen Safety Projects covering power, heat and transport funded by the European Commission, UK Government and Industry. He is also the President of International Association for Hydrogen Safety and a task leader in FCHJU’s European Hydrogen Safety Panel.