Name Francesco Ganda

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Vienna International Centre,
PO Box 100, 1400, Vienna, Austria.

Presentation Title

Worldwide nuclear hydrogen development plans and hydrogen-related services offered by the IAEA


An overview will be provided of plans by several countries related to the development of nuclear hydrogen.
In addition, a high-level description will be provided of the tools and services offered by the IAEA to all Member States, including techno-economic assessment tools and models, recent nuclear hydrogen related publications, a new coordinated research project on “Role of Nuclear Cogeneration within the Context of Sustainable Development”, and technical and consultancy meetings related to the field of hydrogen.


Francesco Ganda is the technical lead for non-electric applications at the IAEA, with responsibilities in the areas of nuclear desalination, hydrogen production, district heating and industrial uses of nuclear heat.
Prior to joining the IAEA, Dr. Ganda spent a decade in the US national laboratories, supporting the programmatic activities of the US Department of Energy in the area of fuel cycles, with a special focus on economics and neutronic analysis of nuclear fuel cycles and reactors.
Dr. Ganda holds a PhD and an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, USA.