26-30 June 2022 – Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Friends in the Hydrogen Energy Community,

The 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference has been rescheduled to 26-30 June 2022.

At this moment coronavirus has become this century’s most urgent challenge to humanity. In harnessing this new sense of solidarity, we, the hydrogen energy community must rise to face another enormous challenge facing humanity, i.e. climate change. With great human generosity and empathy, let us during this period of social distancing, be inspired by history. It is said that Sir Isaac Newton was in his early 20s when he was sent home from Cambridge University when the Great Plague hit Europe. It was during this time, confined in his home, that Newton made some of his greatest discoveries, including gravity. We have an unprecedented opportunity to help made permanent changes in our energy infrastructure to a sustainable energy system utilizing the best of the hydrogen energy technologies.

During the interim, please provide your helping hand to Professor Ibrahim Dincer and his amazing WHEC2022 team as we move forward. Let us make WHEC2022 the best ever!

Be Kind. Be Well.

John W. Sheffield, Ph.D.
President – IAHE