Dear WHEC Colleagues and Friends,

As concerns caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to raise everywhere globally, we face one of the greatest challenges in this century. I know it is a difficult time for everyone because of the health concerns and uncertainties, and I hope everyone is safe and sound.  

I have discussed this serious matter with President Sheffield and all other concerned parties, and we have decided to postpone the World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2020 (WHEC-2020) to the year of 2022 as to be WHEC-2022, which has just been approved by the IAHE Board. So, our next WHEC2020 – 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference will be held on 26-30 June 2022. I am sure this will be better. We will anyway keep our website ( active, make all updates soon and inform all of you timely. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change.

In closing, I hope all of your families and loved ones are safe and will stay safe.


Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Dincer
Chairman, the 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference